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My Secret World by Sendokidu

The glow of sprites encompass the woods,

A warm embrace to enter such a place.

You must follow these beacons, my rooks,

For a special land awaits for your mind to taste.

The tint of the light from my sprites your eyes keep track,

The trees ever rushing past your tingling fur.

As the leaves are dancing behind your back,

The forest opens further to the waiting whirl.

My wispy guides take a break at a nearby stream,

A veil of vines the last of the shields.

As you part the curtain at the seams,

Your mind is caught in rapture at the yield.

Below the canopy sits a tree so old,

The stream so still as frigid peace.

As the tendrils of joy entwine and hold,

The pain of the other world begins to cease

I welcome thee, wild one, to my secret world.

Find peace within this domain of mine,

For this haven is here for life to unfurl,

Revealing utopias within our minds.

My Secret World


5 November 2012 at 11:49:10 MST

I consider this to be the peak of my writing skills. This is a piece I did in inspiration of a wonderful song a good friend of mine, Fox Amoore, on FA. The song can be found here.

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