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Do Tease the Fox Postquel [1/2] by Senbiku

Do Tease the Fox Postquel [1/2]


:iconShadowPoni~: is really showing off :iconAmper: and I well, packed away in that big, fat, hardworking, sloshy foxy gut of his. That plump jiggly poundmound of his is probably teaching us a good lesson about teasing foxies I'm sure~ ;bc

...I sure hope we don't give him a stomachache or anything though, this gurgly gassy class isn't over for any of us, not till the lesson is churned~ <⌐//ω//⌐>

Now it's a sort of postquel of sorts (of 2) after ShadowPoni had made [url=]this loveliness over here~ X//3E <3[/url]

Ehehe~ we both made four parts that read kinda sequential/synonymously X//PE, expect the last of mine to arrive in 30 minutes~ ://3 (Shadow's still got two more yet to post but you can see em early on his Patreon if you're inclined to supporting such a hardworkin talented foxy :/3c)


Art is muu
chars are themselves

Also as a smol reminder [url=]we have an art pack[/url] with Beep among several other talented artists for sale if you wanna support the arties! :3x

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