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Arcarina~Vore Day by Senbiku

Arcarina~Vore Day


Happy Voreday all~! X/3, wanted to put my creative juices to task to try to make another fusion mon, and I think I really like this character, an Arcarina~

Can be any gender, but exceptionally glutty (and pretty promiscuous when they get.... wily <⌐//ω//⌐>). Can also build up a lot of steam to inflate themselves rapidly if the pickings are slim ;/3

And finally got a big belly dog sona I think~ x3E

Enjoy~! hoping to draw them more often amongst my other budding new OCs E///3

(left general cause no bits or what have you present, just a big belly! :3)

Art is Muu
Char is Muu
Arcarina fusion is Muu :3

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