[AT] Riite by SelHukka

[AT] Riite


17 June 2013 at 08:58:32 MDT

Art trade for a friend of mine :D This one was a pleasure to draw!


Character © Kaamoshukka

Artwork & background photo © SelHukka

You are NOT authorized to use, alter or redistribute this work without permission.

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    Oh, I like pictures with background of a photograph, they're so nostalgic.

    But I would put some filters on the background and sharpen it. Then it would fit better the comic style of the character.

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      They are ^^ I always start imagining characters and creatures oven a plain background when I see one. These are so fun to make!

      I tried :'D You have no idea how blurry it was before I sharpened it a bit! But I'm trying to avoid using too much filters... I'm afraid the whole picture will turn all grainy and over-contrasted :c

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        ahhhhhh, I see ^^ I dunno if you use Photoshop but it has a function called colour balance. It's my favourite lately, it let you change colours and tones of an entire image. It does magics : D

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          yep, I use Photoshop :) But mine is Elements 10 and it lacks some features... I didn't find "color balance" either D:

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            ahh yea, from what I remember Elements don't have that :< unfortunately I don't know other programs, only PS