Remember When...The Summer of Crazy Hair by Selah

Remember When...The Summer of Crazy Hair


14 February 2015 at 14:20:02 MST

Haha...1st is a series of doodles I feel inspired to do titled "Remember When..."

Raith, Aleena, and Bud pretty much grew up together, a trio of the closest friends one could find. They were always pulling crazy stunts, getting themselves into all kinds of trouble...

There was year they all decided that they would not cut their hair...seems innocent enough, other than they all looked ridiculous (other than Aleena)...until they nearly got caught making real mischief and in their haste to escape, not being able to properly see caused them all to take a rather nasty tumble...After recovering from their numerous cuts, scrapes and bruises, they had a decision to make...Cut down on their mischievous adventures or cut their hair...The crazy hair disappeared the next day...

haha...this was a fun little break from calculus homework...And LOOK!!! I drew characters other than just Raith and Sarhea! lol-I have plans for several of these silly little sketches...haha...Ok...please excuse my sloppy coloring-I was too lazy to clean up my sketch for this, so just did the best I could with coloring my sketchy lines...dammit...I just wanted to color something x.x

Raith, Aleena, & Bud © ME

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