Warrior of the Celestial Flame by Sekhmet

Warrior of the Celestial Flame


20 October 2012 at 07:00:23 MDT

This would be my "personal" character, or "fursona": a anthro north american cave lioness. Her full name is Pyralis Solara Atrox. She is a combination of all things I like and symbols I identify with: such as big cats & prehistoric creatures, fantasy(weapons and the like), fire, strong female figures, my favorite colors and so on. She's sort of a personal symbol of strength and determination for me. The character is a warrior that has the ability to wield flame as her main power. She generates her powers from stars (such as our sun) , which is why she is the warrior (or guardian) of the celestial flame :B

While I was listening to this awesome song ( http://grooveshark.com/\#!/s/Watch+The+Skies/4kpFZf?src=5 ) , I sketched out this image :) --it was my main inspiration for this piece. I pictured her leaving a battle field with her shield in hand and sword sheathed. This was my first time drawing and rendering detailed armor and weapons, it's great fun :) (The armor is skyrim inspired,this is intentional XD!)

Having finished this makes me excited to finish her ref sheet. I am also glad I decided to dabble some more in digital art again. It's always a fun and excellent learning experience.

Thank you for looking, and I hope you enjoy <3

Photoshop CS5

Intuos 4 Tablet

:2250x3600 pixels @ 300 DPI

20+ hrs

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Visual / Digital


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    I really like the design for this character. :3

    Identifiy smybols are very similar to mine, I love fire, strong female feline character and fantasy weapons. :3

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      Horray! Thank you :)

      I am hoping to finish a character sheet of her sometime this century XD

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    This is pretty hot.

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    *smooches your nose* =o

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    this is an awesome character, I love her design. Really like how the flames and armor came out in this. =3

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    Yeah it's all fun and games until Warrior of the Celestial Flame shows up Then you retreat.