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hey im seiji the tiger i have a real life name but i prefer not to use it for personal reasons.

im mainly a lurking friendly art whore who spends more of his time watching artists and other furs art collection grow.

my main account you will find most of my photos art and stuff can be found on my furaffinity account

but ill try and put some special stuff on here as well whenever i can.

im not a commission artists but i do on occasion will get a mood for drawing and those who im very friendly with might get art gifts drawn by me or commissioned by me for them.

and oh if you havent seen me on fur affinity i do have more then one character so dont be surprised if one day you see me post a character on here that isnt seiji.

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well ello again

well holy hell its been far too long since i logged into this account, though who are following me i apologize been fairly preoccupied with things offline and with a site i joined a little over a year ago.

ill try and upload some new content here more frequently as well as some extremely over due stuff from over on my furaffinity page...

but one thing is for certain the uploads i need to go through on here is far less compared to the almost 11 thousand uploads in my watch box section when on here its barely 1 thousand.

anyways.. side note i did join a little site known as second life so those of the friends who i have on here from fa or new that might have a little account over there send me an im and ill see if we can meet up ^Y^

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    hi n__n thanks for the watch, I appreciate it a lot. Hope you keep enjoying my art!!

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    no prob!

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    Cheers for watchin, hon!