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Opposites Attract by SEGY

Opposites Attract


This pic was inspired by a conversation I was having with Rizzja Rizzja awhile back about weather. He talked about how he couldn't stand the cold, and about how I hated the heat. Which I thought was kinda fitting since I'm a husky and he's a coyote :P But it's also kinda ironic being that our sonas are pretty much opposites in that way. But I honestly think that's one of our only differences personality wise. We have so much in common that bridging that gap isn't too hard :3 So that's kinda what this pic is, a metaphor saying that even though we are far apart and have some small differences, we still manage to be just as close, since Opposites Attract :3

Probably one of the most elaborate pics I've ever gotten. Art by the awesome VenisonStew VenisonStew :3 She did an amazing job on this ^^ I knew she was the right artist for the job and she did not disappoint :3

Done back in 2012


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    How adorable :3

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      Yeah, this is one of my faves :3