Xing and Ming by seemslegit

Xing and Ming


20 October 2014 at 00:02:47 MDT

Drew this a little while ago, just forgot to post it

Xing and Ming are twin linsang hybrids.

Xing is the older twin, and he's very outgoing and easy going, quick to laugh and chatter, and very good at dealing with difficult people. he's everyone's friend but also not close to anyone. very few people can claim to know him well. he cares deeply for his family and works hard to keep the peace between his parents and his twin.

Ming is the younger twin and is very much more straight forward. he has no interest in playing nice with people he doesn't like and feels no need to put on a mask to make people like him. he is very smart and independent, and is quick to take offense at things being done for him.

Ming was recently in an accident that resulted in a brain injury that rendered him blind and he is not adjusting very well. He's a very prideful person, and he hates being babied, but of course that's all his family wants to do for him while he recovers.

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