Go Away by seemslegit

Go Away


22 August 2015 at 16:06:26 MDT

Meet Siouelre, the mute territorial Reaper.

After a traumatic attack on his family that left his parents dead and rendered him mute at a very young age, Siouelre has lived alone in an abandoned ruin.

He was too young to be taught how to hunt and properly use his skills by his parents, but he has figured out how to make things work for himself. He still often has to resort to stealing food and supplies from people traveling near the ruins though.

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    I love his design. You make such neat designs with Reaper markings. You're really inventive with it. Also, dem big wings. Hell yeah. I'd really like to see a full colored version of this, with the moon all behind him and the awesome lighting.

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      them wings look so big because he's all curled up XD though that's why he's doing it like that. just like 'I AM BIG AND SCARY! GO AWAY!'

      i like taking advantage of the 'they can look like anything' marking designs XD though at this point i'm just like '.. is this too much?' XD

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        No it's not too much, it makes them look really interesting. :3