Untitled ("mannequins") by Sedric

Untitled ("mannequins")


18 June 2014 at 14:49:07 MDT

One of three oil paintings I produced back in the day (I'll post the second as well; the third was foolishly given away and I never got a photograph of it). This was made when I was fifteen or sixteen, and the borrowings from various major surrealists is shameless; in spite of this though I do like it a lot these days, even if I wish I hadn't botched up the shading on the left mannequin's head

For years this was in a closet at my parents' house, until my mother found it and offered to get it and its sibling framed for me. I might not have accepted if I'd known it would be a £200 job, and subsequently I would never have felt obliged to hang them up. So in a roundabout way it's a good thing, because I'm perpetually glad now that they're on my walls even if I did find the most reckless way possible of hanging this fucker over the staircase. In retrospect I'm lucky not to have slipped and broken my neck

Yes the photograph is skewed. I'm not a good photographer of paintings so I just propped it up against a chair and edited the background out

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