The Quest For Mandelbrot by Sedric

The Quest For Mandelbrot


18 October 2018 at 12:40:41 MDT

You may be aware of Sedric A. Dragon, but are you aware of just how dense and convoluted the history of that particular media franchise is? Here we reveal the complicated story of his outing into videogames. His only outing? Well that remains to be seen

Not officially part of the Halloween block of stories, but on consideration it does kind of fit


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    i'm sure this wasn't intended to be emotionally impactful at all, but for some reason "peterbrock is dead" hit me hard, idk if there's ever been a game where the villain dies before you get there, but something about that sounds almost surreal in terms of what's expected from a narrative. also, the idea of a videogame with raincoats is it has me immediately sold, regardless of the rest of it, they're never an option when you get to choose clothing and it's always dissapointing

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      I suspect it will have been done, after all there's nothing new under the sun and if nothing else there's more Sonic creepypastas than there are people who have lived and died on Earth; but I actually can't think of a videogame either where the villain abruptly dies before the finale, and this despite having played some very odd games

      I would definitely be on board for raincoats as an available option in more games, even if it would look a little odd in Dark Souls