[by Kenzik] Rubber Tux'd but Not Quite a Penguin by Sedric

[by Kenzik] Rubber Tux'd but Not Quite a Penguin


29 October 2017 at 10:54:38 MDT

If you follow my writing enough you might pick up on the persona of Alan Auch, the pseudonym I started using years ago around whom I've built a metatextual mythos. It's ambiguous and indeed variable, through the notes and annotations to other stories, whether Alan Auch is human or lives in the same sort of world as Sedric and Charlie. Eventually I decided he must have a furry version, even if he also has a human one; the trigger was a passing mention of the now-extinct great auk, a penguin-like bird. The similarity of the bird's name and my alter ego's cemented the idea. And he wears a rubber tuxedo, because I like it when my characters don't ever dress civilian. There's another piece of artwork I should upload where the tux is hot pink rather than blue; the main thing is to not make it black and white, because it wouldn't stand out so well on him

Interesting trivia: The great auk was the last surviving example of the pinguinus genus of birds. Penguins have a host of genera but none of them are pinguinus; they just got called that because the sailors who encountered them thought they looked like the auk

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