Warrior of the Forgotten by SeaTeal

Warrior of the Forgotten


11 January 2019 at 07:07:40 MST

His kind was though to be extinct by most, yet they remained in a kind of exile from the events and politics of the recent stages of interstellar history.
Unlike many of the space-faring species, they welcomed and embraced the emerging and slowly spreading ascended biology, the great step of evolution allowing the usage of now abundantly available advanced materials and technologies, within -and expanding the- framework of the highly adaptive system of biology.
They still use external armor as an additional option for combat preparation, although creatures of ascended biology are naturally very durable, along with redundancies and regenerative capabilities.
Thier internal organs include power generating ones for their flight-assisting gravitational distorters (visible in their wing limbs) and also to allow them to recharge their weapons and other devices with energy from their own bodies, although this comes at the cost of seemingly supernatural hunger.

Their return was seen as a kind of miracle in the harsh-fated, oppression- and poverty-ridden outer colonies of a long collapsed galaxy-spanning civilization.

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    Great job here! Amazing detail!

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      Thank you! :3

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    Wow. I love the scale work and glow effects. The clouds are nice, but the way you made the body is cool. I also really love how you balanced the biology. The more energy, the more fuel. Civilizations seem to collapse often. I wonder if anyone will ever figure it out?

    I also wonder what their return means for everyone else?

    Awesome work.

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      Thanks! :3
      They still retained a lot of their nature, this process enhanced them to adapt to the universe they returned to.
      They can fly very well with natural movements while still carrying their improved bodies, along with armor and weapons, for example.

      When they returned, the universe was quite a foggy-futured place, no real hope of a truly civilized order spanning across the stars, the arrival of a species of a once great and proud civilization meant hope for a better future for some, and a future of struggle, and more violence for others.

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        It usually comes to struggle and violence more than anything else. I wonder if that's a constant across the universe?

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          The universe has a lot of struggle as a result of conflicts over resources and ideologies, but most prefer a life of peace and order, if it's attainable in the given circumstances.
          (Looking through my old comments now, I should really check them more often x3 )

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            (Lol. No worries. We all have lives. I'm getting to these as part of a week of catch up, honestly.)

            Peace and order seem all too unobtainable at times and in others, it seems almost common. Traveling can make the perception of it skewed too. Like being in a war torn or chaotic environment for work (for example) then coming home to an order that those back there can't leave. On the surface, it's begs the "why" question. Too many whys.

            Hopefully there's an answer out there. Some solutions. Peace and Order seem to be the only way to really get something done. At least, that's how it feels to me.