Back from the race by SeaTeal

Back from the race


15 December 2017 at 10:02:39 MST

He loves fast vehicles and -usually legal- races with such things, both for the feeling of speed, and the excitement of competition.

This type of engine works by creating a ring-shaped distortion of space that lets the vehicle travel along a channel defined by the ring with the inertia affecting everything inside the channel with the same force, allowing for very high-G acceleration and maneuvers.
Acceleration and deceleration is the quickest along the channel, but it can be redirected, also vehicles that have these engines usually also have an omnidirectional distortion drive for slower but 3-dimensiaonal turning/maneuvering.


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    Love the electrical and mechanical designs. Very cool.

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      Just noticed I missed the notification for this comment ^^ anyway, thank you! :3

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        No worries and you're welcome.