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Beach Baythyl by searagi

Beach Baythyl


Winds whisked strong past the umbrellas and heated sands of Dragon Shores. Under one umbrella’s shadow, a deep blue mechanical dragon snoozed with clawtips to her supple, furred belly scales, her tail flicking idle. A stray magazine slapped flat to her snout, breaking the dragon's peaceful slumber into a frenzy flailing her metallic limbs and wings.

“Eeeyah!” Baythyl yowled, meeting face-first to the shade’s cooled and coarse sand. Spitting grains out her blue tongue and lipstick, she huffed more disgruntled; the beach littered with crowds and noise. Sitting back her eyes strayed to the spacious skies with cirrus clouds drizzling the blue. Her mecha wings fanned fantasizing the heights down and along the sparkling horizons, notably the alluring strip of palm trees and rock formation.

The android brushed her equipped calf rudders and kneecaps, and with a running start hopped taking flight over the shore. The shallow waves crashed with gentle, cold ocean spray kissing her claws and wingtips.
A brief glide after, she perching up against a rock with an energized huff. The android brushed water off her plated limbs and readjusted her windswept bikini.

Footsteps from behind, the dragon turned with a wobble in surprise.
"H-Hello, is this unit intruding your space?" the robot mustered clutching her green gemmed chest plate.

Baythyl bit her lush lip from the thought of trespassing. Averting eye contact observing the bustling crowd she left back to the visitor. A single deep breath, her hand planted to the warm stone; the dragon’s throat cleared with her composure relaxed leaning forward more presentable:

"There's no one else here but us. Request to share this peace with you?"

Art by Klabiama of FA
First time story-scenario writing with help/resources from friends in tele, likely to do more in future