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Here's the Weasyl page of a British idiot who uploads meet photos of fursuiters (hey, it seems the most relevant subject for a furry art site) plus the occasional story. Any artwork that's posted here is not mine, and I hope the praise goes to the appropriate artist, without whose permission I would not be able to post their work here.

Any comments, watches and faves are much appreciated, even if I don't have time to thank you personally!


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Please ask
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Latest Journal

ConFuzzled 2015 meme

What is your name?
The Dark Squire (though some know me better as Seagoon)

What is your gender?

How old are you?
30 (will be celebrating my 31st birthday during the con itself)

How tall are you?
About 6'3

Are you in a relationship?

Where are you staying?
Birmingham Hilton Metropole

What day are you getting there?
Thursday afternoon or thereabouts. Doing early arrival.

Who will you be with?
Any friends I see.

Do you have art in the art show?

What suit(s) will you have?
Pink, the blue wolf

Can I dance with you?
Only if you want to risk an injury from my lanky flapping uncoordinated self.

Can I touch you?
Very much depends on where and on how much I know you.

Can I talk to you?
By all means! I'm not a great conversationalist, but I promise I don't bite (just be warned that I suffer no fools).

Can I hug you?
If I don't know you, best start off with a handshake. If I do know you well, by all means!

Can I take photos of you/with you?
Only when I'm suited. Photos of me out of suit are out of the question.

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
I don't drink alcohol, but I'll have a Coke if you offer one.

Do you drink Alcohol/Smoke?
Don't usually drink alcohol, never smoke.

Can I give you lots of money?
Well, I don't have anything to sell you, but if you want to throw your money away... :P

Can I hang out with you?
Maybe, maybe not. Depends on a few things.

How will I recognize you?
Probably best to look at my conbadge.

Where will you be most of the time during the con?
Out in the lobby or in my room, I imagine.

Who are you rooming with?
Arctic_Steve Arctic_Steve

Attending any events?
Fursuit Games, Pawpets and the Dance Contest are the most likely ones. For anything else I'll play it by ear.

How can I find you at the con?
Nothing specific on that front.

Are you doing anything in line with the theme?
No, unfortunately.

How are you getting to the con?
By train. My plan to borrow the car for the week failed. :(

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    Thanks for the watch :)

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      You're very welcome! :)

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    Orical is that you?

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      No, sorry.

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    I'm only going to follow.

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    Thanks for that follow there! =)

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      You're very welcome!

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    Thanks for the follow on here dude!