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Art Minigame Stream 1 by ScruffyBrush

Art Minigame Stream 1


Did all these on my first Twitch affiliate stream.
It ended up a looot of fun and went much better than expected :3 (I even got subs!?! wat)
Each of these is 30m timed except giratina (20) :

Polite Gecko : Limited Palette challenge : Chat picked 4 colors I could use for 15 min, erasing allowed. Then last 15m is another set of 4 colors. First set was those specific Pink, green (bowtie), brown, light blue. Happy how well that worked esp considering I rarely use such vibrant colors. Chat said he looked very polite.

Memorymon : Giratina from memory. I'd apologize to Giratina but always thought it looked dumb (but not that dumb oh god what have I done)

Furrification : Master Chief's fursona (a protogen but I shouldve included some extra thicc leg screen, friends thought it was a kangaroo)

Pokefusion : Chat picked 2 pokemon I did their child : Fudoking. Espeeecially happy with that one. I thought these 2 mons were so polar opposite it'd be much harder to make a good fusion. I did have a long 3m planning on top of the 30m though, which we agreed was OP, 1m plannings only from now on.

OC tourist : My OC Daniel the Duelist in smash bros. He's fighting Dark Ness. I don't like how that one turned out. I tried to give 15m to the background then 15 to the characters but characters needed more cooking. Decently happy about FD at least.

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