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Enter the machine by Scree

Enter the machine


14 February 2014 at 11:21:39 MST

Doodled during an OC session with solidscale.

While checking out an isolated computer lab, Lu and Solid appear to have stumbled upon quite a treasure - a computer mainframe, connected to all manner of high-tech gadgets, and loaded with a huge collection of simulations and games. Most notably of all, the system appears to be the home to some sort of artificial intelligence, a helpful interface who was only to happy to answer any questions they had.
Why, that device to the left? Oh, that's a holographic projector. Hard light, you know. Allows the AI to manifest and project a physical presence to interact with anyone in the same room. Oh, that booth to the right? Why, that's the fruit of all our research here - it's a digitiser, capable of transcribing physical objects into electronic data, and vice versa! With that, anyone who steps inside can be inserted into the network's simulation system!

Renasolid decided to give it a go, especially after finding a fighting game in the list of available applications, and soon wound up delivering some righteous punching. Ludash, meanwhile soon found that this was no mere neural hookup - the booth was empty, all trace of his companion having vanished into the digital realm...

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