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5th Year Party #15 by Scorpio-Gustavo

5th Year Party #15


The event is over! Thank you everyone! For participating and for being with for all these 5 years! Here’s to another 5!
But this is not yet over! Another major event is coming up... after a break... for the comic and other blogs!

I’m taking Commissions! (Please visit my site for more art):

Asks are always* open! (Ask box availability may vary)
-Ask Abra and Mew (Pokémon):
-Baby Mewtwo Replies (Pokémon):
-Mt. Luminara PMD (Pokémon):
-Mandrigili Art and Ask Blog (Furry OCs):
-Ask Floramon, Gazimon and Kapurimon (Digimon):
-We’re the Shirt Tales (Shirt Tales):
-The raccoons from Walt Disney's Robin Hood!: