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Goldwine and Gabrielle by Scorpio-Gustavo

Goldwine and Gabrielle


Introducing Goldwine the Riolu and Gabrielle the Mienfoo, Kabul’s biological daughters and Jamir’s half-sisters!
Backstory: Before Kabul (then “Kadabra”) found his son, he contacted Jamir’s older sisters. Out of his MANY offsprings, (nearly all are miserable, crotchety worn-down Alakazams) he could only connect with three… for now!

Goldwine: Somewhat ditzy, materialistic yet has a heart of gold.
Goldie was raised upper class. Though she was always provided for, her relationship with her family even her own mother was cold, in fact her mother saw her as an obstacle, even a threat.
When Kabul contacted them, the mom saw it as opportunity to toss Goldie away to her one time fling. It took time but Goldie learn to live more humbly though sometimes can be a brat still… She’s getting better.

Gabrielle: Soft-spoken and polite, though rarely awkward with her mild snark and dry wit. Like her estranged mother, Gabby was bred and raised to be completely subservient. One day Kabul managed to contact her, even managed to convince her to think for herself (Like Jamir’s mom did for Kabul) and run off with him. While the breeder was charged for their form of pokemon raising, Gabby would learn to think for herself… very slowly.

Goldie and Gabby are open for asks!

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