AAAAsk Abra and Mew question #240 by Scorpio-Gustavo

AAAAsk Abra and Mew question #240


9 March 2019 at 14:22:43 MST

You know what? screw it! Here! Kabul the Kadabra!

-Retired fighter
-As powerful as an Alakazam if not stronger
-Takes pride in being a Kadabra, hates Alakazams (must be genetic)
-Lived in a home for retirees
-Wanted to have a family but never had the luck or chance
-Former stud
-Creates spoons from thought for training/to sell
-Left contact info for future offspring, hoping to connect with his children, only Jamir called
-Wants to be a father, but still struggles, goes to Al for advice
-Still a fighter, trains rigorously, gets along great with Marta as a result
-Hired himself as Al’s bodyguard, out of gratitude and to deal with constant problem of Al getting (accidentally) assaulted by his own patients

Ask away~<3 (still under construction)