Introducing the Lake triplets by Scorpio-Gustavo

Introducing the Lake triplets


8 August 2018 at 15:19:55 MDT

Introducing the Lake triplets, Iris, Lily and Rose! (open for asks!)
Background Story:

Hatched from the same egg, raised by an ancient, kind and maternal Mew (Merle’s grandmother), they grew up with Merle’s mother. After finally finding her, they refuse to lose her like they did their mother and sister. And have knowledge of not only about the Mew species and also Merle’s family. While they accept Merle’s current family as their own, they seem to have grown to have a liking for Al. ;3

MOD: Details still a work in progress!

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    Seems like we'll be getting some more lore soon, if these three know about Mews.