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Violette Skunk v1 by Scorpio-Gustavo

Violette Skunk v1


6 January 2018 at 12:52:18 MST

Violette Skunk- the team medic. Best friends with Pammy, Violette is well aware for the attraction she and Rick have for eachother and aims to help their relationship blossom.
She grew up in a big family and has a strong bond with all her old academy friends and when Rick proposed to assemble them all to form the largest Shirt Tales team, Violette was ecstatic.
Violette also love kids and wants to have a big family of her own someday but she currently takes pride in looking after her team/new family, especially Kip and TJ.

Wow this is a lot info. Also… I feel I can do better with Violette’s outfit, I’m still working on her. I don’t really care for her original design in the show (nearly a Pammy clone with a hat and bigger tail), so I wanted to put my own spin on her… she’s still a work in progress.