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Rick and Pammy by Scorpio-Gustavo

Rick and Pammy


3 January 2018 at 15:45:32 MST

“Shirt Tales, go!”

Rick Raccoon, the dedicated and over ambitious leader of the largest Shirt Tales team. Though a rock-n-roll and fun-lover, he takes his leader role very seriously especially since he’s the first leader to run a group worth more than 10 members.

Pammy Panda, Rick’s second-in-command. Being a bit of a nerd (has her own mini-library), Pammy has a love for learning new things. Her quick-thinking and smart make her an ideal future leader but is currently content on keeping her team organized.

Rick and Pammy are old friends who actually share feelings for eachother but are yet to admit it… They just need a push. (cough, Violette, cough)a
While Rick encourages Pammy to take the first step, He also relies on her to make the right choices and to take a breather on big decisions, such as adopting Kip and taking in more members.

(MOD: Ugh, I REALLY need to change the style into something more simple and dynamic…)