AAAM 200th ask event Part 13 by Scorpio-Gustavo

AAAM 200th ask event Part 13


27 November 2017 at 20:20:54 MST

Headcanon: In exchange of a power boost, increased IQ and new moves, an Alakazam’s body suffers greatly. An alakazam in the prime of its life will have the body of a decrepit old-timer. The additional power it obtains is usually used to keep it’s now-weaker body together and to sooth constant problems such as:
Joint and muscle pains, frail bones, a weak neck and spine, keeping a massively heavy head afloat, maintaining balance that the tail used to obtain, etc, etc.

Without psychic powers, a normal Alakazam will be helpless, and a mega Alakazam could die without constant psychic powers keeping its vital organs running.


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    That's actually kinda' funny. ^^ Does he have the voice of an old man too?

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      You sneasels get off my lawn!

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        Shakes spoon in the air

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          -And falls down head-first cause it's too heavy for his frail body to support and no longer has a tail for balance-