Mandrigili Question #11 by Scorpio-Gustavo

Mandrigili Question #11


19 February 2017 at 23:25:01 MST

Mod: His pride and badassery are hurt, somebody’s gonna pay!
I REALLY need to update their designs! -_-;

~Liam Stavkirke the Fruit fox Opossum, Meena Sagoo the Polar Harp Seal and “Eva” Elisabeta Westenra the gliding mouse are also available for asks!~

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    Forgdf about taking the clothes off! I'd be shooting arrows like my pride depended on it!

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    Oml yes! It's amazing! I love his reaction to me! pwease Liam don't hurt meee

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    "I am VENGEANCE! I am the NIGHT! I am...CUPID?!"

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      he's not the cupid this city needs right now, nor deserve.

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        "This city...just showed you...that it's FULL of people...READY to believe in love..."