Beach Day Special 2k14 Available Now by Scikosis

Beach Day Special 2k14 Available Now


9 August 2014 at 17:32:01 MDT

Spectronix and I have been working on this art pack for about a month or so, and it's finally here! This pack features 8 extra special ladies in their most favorite swimsuits.

The price for the pack is set to a minimum of $5 download. We would love to put this through as a Pay-What-You-Want pack, but sadly, given our situation right now, we can’t afford that. We just moved N-ero down to Maryland from New York in the beginning of July, and that kind of ate through money we didn’t have available, and it’s put us in kind of a bad spot. But, with you guys continuing to be super awesome and supporting us the way you do, we’ll be able to bring you more content at a PWYW model in the future, which is ultimately, the way we would prefer to do it!

Click here to go to the download page! >>;i=1374109;cl=273982;ejc=2