~ Sol and Milo ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

~ Sol and Milo ~


30 January 2016 at 06:49:21 MST

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Luna’s chavy older sister “Sol” and her naughty son “Milo” !! #youngmilfstho
Sol is 24 and OBVIOUSLY very responsible. She's an independant mum who don't NEED no man! Also this makes Luna an aunty! How adorable! Yay aunty luuluu! <3


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    LOL "independent mum who don't need no man," 'til she needs to collect her "benefits". Funniest thing I ever heard, but seriously that delusion and the problems resulting from it are a pandemic all over. As always, awesome work guy. Keep it coming and I hope you never find yourself in that situation, either as the mom, kid, or dad.

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    For some reason I want to see who she is referring to in terms of owing her child support money