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Leviyathin by Scheknul



Art: FA: Judas-Priest
Adopted From: shizimiru
Belongs to: Scheknul

Name: Leviyathin
Age: Between 50 and 200
Gender: Male
Height: 15"
Weight: 20 Pounds
Species: Leviathan Shoulder Dragon

Art: FA: Judas-Priest
Adopted From: Shizimiru
Belongs to: Scheknul

This is, Leviyathin. He is a shoulder dragon. Managing to wander into Scheknul's domain through a narrow gap in the dimensional barrier. He wandered to Scheknul's castle, and into his kitchen.

He was discovered by Sebastian, who turned him over to Scheknul. With a bit of spell magic, Scheknul granted him with the ability to speak, and a name. Knowing he was a Leviathan, Scheknul got the idea to name him, Leviyathin. After bestowing these gifts upon Leviyathin, he was asked if he wished to stay, or go.

He was welcome to become a member of the castle, but he only had one opportunity to choose. The small dragon had been fleeing an evil lord, who sought to bring corruption to the land. Anything was better than that, so Leviyathin chose to stay.