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The Adventure Begins by ScavengerDragon

The Adventure begins

"Are you absolutely sure you need to leave your home...So soon? You're still a little boy." Said the voice of a middle aged woman putting food on the table for the mornings breakfast as she looked to her son, A boy barely turned 10 and was packing up a backpack filled with clothes and an extra pair of sandals, He wore what looked like a dirty red T-shirt and some blue jeans that seemed a bit tight around his legs though what attracted a lot of people's attention was the wild blonde hair on his head and the biohazard symbol of a guilmon on his left cheek.

The boy took his time packing what he needed before looking up at his mother and let out a small sigh. "Yes...I'm sure I have to go mother. Besides dad's already left, and my master that was supposed to train me passed away just last week and a year ago my best friend left with a darkened expression in his eyes!" He looked to the food spread on the table which wasn't much, a small glass of milk and a few pieces of bread which he took one and nibbled on a piece. "Besides...the whole reason I asked the old man to tutor me was so that I would know what to do when I left and sought Jesse out. He's changed mother...and unless I do something I feel like I won't have my best friend again." he took a small sip of the milk and looked into his mothers eyes. "The only time they'll let someone off the island is for buisness and because I'm a kid the only way I can get off this island and get him back without setting off security is to become a trainer. Besides...It's always been my dream to see the world, And the charizards that fly over the island every day captivate me." He pulled himself off the table before nodding. "I've already made up my mind mother...I'm going to be a trainer."

"I've heard it for the past week now Max! I just don't think you're ready to leave home yet...You're already teased enough on the island for being different, what if they do that on the mainlands?" His mother snapped and looked at him as if expecting him to come to his senses.

*Max zipped his backpack and hefted it over his shoulder. "I've already thought about that and well...I just won't show off my powers or whatever the hell it's supposed to be, a curse maybe? I don't care though. I'm going to see the professor and pick out my pokemon and I'm going to be late if I don't leave now so don't worry I'll have a partner." He winked at her and grabbed some of her homemade sauce from the counter and put it in his pocket. "I can talk to pokemon so if I'm ever lost I can just ask the wildlife. now...can I have a hug?" He held his arms out with which she was very hesitant at first but soon relented and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug before letting him go and opening the front door for him. "Please realise mom...that I have to do this..."

She gave him a quiet glance but nodded to him. "I...I know you do. You already set your mind to it and knowing your family line you'll go through with it until the end. Just make sure you take care of yourself...I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you. You're a smithy're tough, work hard and you don't let life bring you down."

Max gave her a grin before waving to her and heading off. Him and his mother lived on a small island off the coast of Johto, it was mostly wilderness but what civilization there was on the island was poor. There was very little money to go around and even fewer jobs. Still the people seemed to make due with what they had, some of them fished, while some gardened and grew the fruit to sustain the village. As he walked through the village he looked at all of the huts which were finally repaired from the last bandit raid and even passed by his old burned down school. It brought some bad memories but he knew it was that night when the school burned down that his best friend changed.

"Max...Come here for a minute will ya." A leomon human hybrid waved Max over and handed Max about 2000 pokedollars. "That' life savings kid. I already know you plan on leaving and I don't want you having to fight for your food out there so...take it, buy yourself some nice clothes and have a good time." He punched Max's shoulder playfully and chuckled softly.

"Leo...Thankyou but you know I can't take this money..." He looked up at the lion, while Max was about ten years old this guy was already 20 years old and looked just as intimidating if not more so than the standard leomon. "You treat me like I'm a normal person...that's the best thing you could have ever done for me."

The big lion nodded a few times and patted his shoulder. "You and I are the only hybrids on this island...I never really showed you a lot of affection as a friend but you didn't need it you look like you're a man already." He showed his sharp fangs to max and smiled* "Just take the know you'll need it. and stay out of trouble!"

Max grunted and stared at his friend before nodding. "I'll try but you know danger is attracted to me. I think I smell good to it." He laughed before giving Leo a small hug and walking off to what looked to be a small ranch. "alright here I am...I think the professor's name was Phil...Strange name for a professor but here I go." He took a deep breath and walked up to the front door of the house and knocked on it a few times, waiting patiently for an answer. It would only take a few moments but when the door opened he'd see a well built 6 foot tall man in the stereotypical cowboy outfit with a black hat sitting on the top of his head. "Um...are you professor Phillip?"

The man looked at the young man and laughed. "Darn right kid! Professor phillip front and center! I take it you're Maximillion...the kid who's supposed to recieve a pokemon today from me?" Phillip rubbed his chin before smiling and opening the door. "comeon in...I'm afraid the selection isn't the same as the one you'd find in New bark town." With that he lead Max into his home which looked more country than the home you'd expect a professor to live in. "I specialize in breeding all sorts of pokemon from different regions but the only ones ready for human interaction are well... A handful..."

In the living quarters of the building was a single table, it appeared that even the high esteemed professor of his homeland was struggling in the poor living conditions of the island. None the less sitting on the table were three pokeballs. "So..." Max approached the table. "Does this mean any of these three could become my partner?"

The professor would only nod before rubbing an egg that he had sitting on his computer desk* "Yes thats right...Any one of them would do...Oh my..." He suddenly brought over the egg to the table as it began to glow. "Before you do so seems that this egg is about to hatch." He left the egg on the table as it's shine grew brighter before all that remained in it's place was a baby bulbasaur, shaking it's bulb a few times to adjust to it's new surroundings, it's first sight instantly being Max which it leapt at eagerly. "Oh dear...The new guy seems to have taken quite a liking to you..."

Max giggled as he held the baby bulbasaur in his arms, the little saur smiling up to him and nuzzling his arms. "I want this little guy...if it's okay with you. He seems to like me and I think if you took him away he might get upset."

Phil rubbed his head a bit as if caught off gaurd by this recent developement. "I...don't know, Training a newborn as your first pokemon will be a lot of hard work but you do have a point if I were to seperate him from what he thinks to be his parent he'll get upset so..." The professor let out a rather reluctant sigh and handed Max a case of six pokeballs, the standard pokedex and the pokegear which would become one of his signature items on his quest. "Here you go...I only have one pokedex and it's a bit outdated so you'll need to get it updated when you visit other regions. The pokegear already has my number pre loaded into it and I don't think I have to tell you to be careful with all this on the far as things go the people here are in the stone age and you're now in the modern age so I suggest you leave the island right away." He rushed to his table and brought over a one way ticket to New bark town and handed it over to Max. "Take this to the guy handling the boat out at the peer and leave. And have a good trip..."

Max was kinda overwhelmed by all this information at once and he was running out of places to store everything so he just clipped the pokegear to his pants and put the rest of the stuff into his bag save for the ticket, placed his new bulbasaur on his head and ran out of the door toward the peer. Considering everything that happened so quickly he was beginning to have some second thoughts about leaving, but he knew if he didn't leave now it'd be like giving up on his best friend and that he just couldn't do.

He quickly made it to the peer, making sure to hand the ticket over to the guy at the booth and once he was on the boat he began to wonder just what was out there in the world. "This is it...dispite everything happening so fast I'm finally going to see what this world is like...and my first step is new bark town to sign up for the upcoming competition and win Jesse back from the darkness in his heart." He took his new bulbasaur off his head, held him and looked into it's eyes. "Now first things first...we need a nickname for you how about...Bulby!" The instant Max made this comment, the newborn gave him this look of cute anger and used a suprising stun spore on the poor newbie trainer, paralyzing the trainer on his first day of freedom. "This...might take some getting used too..." although he'd been stunned, he could hear the whistle from the ferry and knew there was no turning back now. His journey would begin now with many trials to come.

It took several hours for the paralysis to wear off, the bulbasaur he'd been given just laying on his head while other guests on the ship just stared at Max before he was finally able to move again. "That...Was not fun...At all..." He took his Bulbasaur off the top of his head and glared at it. "Listen here you...I'm the trainer and I make the nickname!" He held bulbasaur a moment until the newborn started shedding a few tears. "Ack no no don't cry! Hmmmm...How about this..." He set his partner ontop of his head again and sighed. "I won't call you by your nickname...I'll try hard to find you a new one but until then I'll just call you my partner. Afterall we'll be spending the rest of our lives together...Sorry I'm just...not that good at this..."

As if they were just crocodile tears, the newborn bulba stopped crying and started grinning from ear to ear as Max started exploring the ship they were aboard. He knew they'd already been gone for awhile since the sun had already set but the trouble was finding out where he could get a bite to eat for himself and for his new partner.

After about fifteen minutes of searching Max just about gave up. "Heh...Having a little trouble finding a bite to eat?" Asked what looked to be a three tailed wolf sitting at a table by the front of the ship sipping at what looked to be some apple juice.

He couldn't have been much older than Max judging from his size but there was a strange familiarity with the canine despite the fact that he'd never met him in the first place. Still it ticked him off that the wolf would act so smug. "You're not all that older than me so don't give me that crap! Besides...I've never seen you on the island and I know everyone...who are YOU."

The wolf couldn't help but giggle and offered Max a seat opposite of him. "That's very uncharacteristic of you...You're not the type of person to yell at someone you've just met...then again could it be the fact that you've left home has given you a sense of insecurity and need to bash on somebody else to feel better?" He waited for Max to sit down and offered the aspiring trainer a small sandwich. "I'm not really in any position to give you my can just call me Fang for now. I've been studying that island and it just happens we're leaving at the same time."

Max sat down and ate what was given to him but he didn't exactly like the way Fang talked to him. "Why would you wanna study my rinky dink island? There's nothing there worth documenting."

"Oh? You think your island isn't so special hmmm?" Fang grinned, showing his fangs. "I'm sure you know that your master was once a pokemon trainer...and that he was unrivaled in his time...He was his era's Cynthia or even Lance. He was born on that island you're so ashamed of being born and raised on. Most people that have become trainers on your home island have become great trainers. Your friend, Jesse is no exception. He's become a fearsome trainer in more ways than you'll know." Fang got up close to Max's face as he finished off his sentance. "I'm warning you right now...if you try to challenge your you are now he won't just beat you...He'll KILL you."

Max made an audible swallow when he heard the following sentance then gave the pup an angry glare. "You have a lot of nerve to say that about my best friend. He'd never hurt anybody without reason."

"Oh you don't know your friend as much as you thought you did." Fang took a sip of his drink, three tails swishing around behind him. "Max...I was sent to study you and because of that I'm going to be tagging around with you wether you like it or not. But Your friend is not the same guy he used to be. You may not be entirely aware of it but I think you deserve to know what my research and the research of my teacher found on him. He's got what you'd call reaper blood, He may be a kind person when he's not upset..." He stopped for a moment and took out a few papers and handed them to Max. "I don't know if you can read or not but those papers detail your friends medical history. And despite how he's acted in the past, the records show he's a very unstable individual like you but after that bandit raid-"

Fang let out a startled yelp as Max slammed the table and threw the papers into the water, an anger in the young human's eyes now, his blue eyes changed from their calm blue to a eerie yellow. "Don't ever talk about that night do you hear me? You must have been on the island...hiding for quite a few years to even know about that night but I don't ever want to hear you speak about it again." he shut his eyes for a moment and rubbed his head. "Whew I feel woozy..." with that he opened his eyes again, their color returning to normal as he looked ahead of the ship and smiled. "Look...when we get off the ship I'll treat you to some breakfast tomarrow morning. We're about to reach our destination." He realised his bulbasaur was fast asleep on his head and rubbed it's snout a few times with a finger. "Sorry about getting angry...Just...don't mention that day again..."

Fang was scared out of his pants from the sudden outburst. His ears then splayed behind him and he nodded gently. "Alright...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to get you upset. But if you intend to face him at least try to get some experience...not just in pokemon training but in martial arts...or at least learn a sword art otherwise you won't stand a chance."

Max fixed the chairs position then rests his hands on the rails of the ship. "Of course...I'm not going to charge at him right away. He's got a year's worth of experience on me. But even if you say he's changed I'm not gonna turn back now and leave him to it. That reaper blood of his can't change the fact that we're still friends! And friends don't give up on each other...If his blood is making him do these things then he's probley expecting me to come after him. Maybe I can save him."

Fang stared at his unlikely companion and wondered if it was even safe to stay around him. "You're crazy you know that? But it's a good thing to have an objective. If you don't have something to strive for then your travels are useless but do you have something else you're wanting to know...after you manage to save that friend of yours?"

The port of newbark town was closing in and Max turned himself to meet Fang's gaze and he nodded, a serious expression on his face. "Yeah I do. One that will keep me going for as long as I live. I want to show the whole world that although I'm not the same as them that I can be a great trainer." He took out what looked like a raptor like claw from his shirt pocket and smiled. "More importantly I want to show my father that the son he deserted can make it in life without him. and then beat the living crap out of him." He clenched his hand around the claw and grinned. "Fang I don't know why...but I feel like our relationship is going to be a long lasting one...As friends that is." He gave his bulbasaur one last rub on the snout and then realised. "Well this is just great...We're already at the port and I didn't get a wink of rest."

Fang laughed at Max's short sightedness. "We'll go to the professors lab and get some rest. Don't worry he'll point us in the right direction..."

And with that, Fang and Max would start their adventure through the johto region together in search of the young fledgling trainer's friend.

After walking off the ship and onto solid ground Max found that he needed to take a much needed break. "ugh...So that was what a boat ride is like...It's not exactly a smooth ride..." He removed his gaze from the ground and looked ahead of himself toward the buildings which from his viewpoint looked much nicer and better built than the huts he'd seen and grown up around. Everyone looked much cleaner not to mention happier as they were making their way to their comfortable homes before the cold set in for the night, least he thought it was going to get cold but it didn't happen. "Eh? I thought it always got cold around nighttime but here it's actually...kind of pleasant."

Fang couldn't help but laugh at Max's response and sniffed the air a bit. "Your climate's a bit different from the mainlands...but you guy's are subjected to more rough winds and storms so I'm not really suprised you'd react that way. never left and you never had a way to escape." The three tailed wolf began grooming his fur and smiled. "Enough talk though. We should find professor elm so he can update that pokedex of yours...I'm sure it's quite outdated compared to the other trainers around here."

Max ignored the wolf's comments for the moment, deciding instead it was more important to enjoy the scenery until he heard those last words mentioned. "You...might be right. But can't I enjoy this first I mean this is the first time I've seen anything but my home island." With that Max started rushing off the pier and ran to the town itself. Fang facepalming at his human companion's naivity but giggled as he followed. Max watching a few people walking here and there and began his own adventuring around the place, tripping on a rainbow colored tail as he carelessly walked by. "ack! Whoops...sorry about that!"

As Max would turn his attention to the person he'd bumped into he'd see a 6.4 light blue scaled dragon with a white belly and rainbow markings at the center of the belly as well as some curly brown hair ontop of it's hair. The dragon picked itself up when Max bumped into his tail and shrugged. "Don't worry about it. I take it you're new around here? My name's RainbowDragon." The blue scaled dragon held a hand out to shake, giving a small smile which Max would accept and shake when both would hear a sudden growl eminating from Rainbow's stomach. "Erm...heh as it stands I havn't exactly eaten anything since lunch..."

For some reason the sounds coming from this new guy's stomach was oddly loud in his ears but he couldn't help but laugh. "I've read about dragons but they always said that dragons were mean creatures! Though you don't seem like you're a bad person..." He looked to his sides then smiled. "Well a friend of mine offered me enough money to last about a about I treat you to some dinner I mean I havn't exactly had much to eat myself." At the mention of food, Max's stomach let out a low growl of it's own as if confirming his sentence. Bulbasaur silently sleeping ontop of his trainer's head, not even realizing they'd bumped into someone due to Max's carelessness.

RD rubbed his growling belly then looked back at Max, as if evaluating him. " don't really have to do that you know. You just met me afterall."

Max was starting to ponder this as well, he's not normally the type to open up to new people but for some reason he was drawn to the mysterious dragon. "I don't know why but I feel like I should GET to know you...what better way than over dinner. Besides you're hungry and I'm hungry so we can take care of that together!"

Fang finally caught up to Max only to stare at the light blue scaled dragon with suprise. "Maax why did you run off like that? We need to get to the professor! Pronto!"

When Fang showed up between the two it snapped him out of his train of thought. "Oh! Sorry I forgot about you being why don't you go to the professor now and I'll meet you there later."

Fang splayed his ears to the side and grumbled. "You're not even aware of what's in this town yet and you're already out meeting new people...not even knowing if they're friendly or not."

At that Max gave Fang a suprising hug and smiled. "Don't worry...I feel like this guy is trustworthy. My instinct isn't wrong most of the time and if it were I wouldn't be hanging around you in the first place I mean, I just met you too. I'll see you after going to eat dinner."

With that Max nodded to RD and started walking with the Dragon, he scratched his chin a few times before finally speaking. "Oh I forgot to introduce myself! Though I think Fang already did that for me...The name's Max! Max smithy is my name." after that he didn't say another thing until they arrived at what looked to be a small town resturant that had very few tables and fewer people enjoying it's food. " lead me to this place but is this place's cooking really any good if there's barely anybody here?"

RD had nodded to Max's introduction as well as the comment on the resturant's state. "Yeah it's usually busier during the day since most people don't stay out late here. but the prices here are better at night and if you're strapped for cash it's the perfect place to get a great meal!"

Max sighed but nodded, he certainly couldn't really complain considering the food he ate at home but none the less he opened the door for RD and himself before walking over to the counter to get them a table to eat. It took about five minutes before a waitress came out from the back of the establishment and met Max by the front desk. "Sorry about that! We don't normally get many visitors during the night. So then is it just the two of you? If so please follow me." With that the duo followed the young waitress to their seats after which she gave them a polite bow. "Just look over the menu a bit and ring this bell when you're ready to order your meal." She left a small bell in the middle of the table before walking off leaving the two alone.

"Hmmm...I've personally never been to a resturant before, I've heard about them from my mother though so I'll try to be polite if I can." Max looked around a bit curious of their surroundings and making sure it really was safe to eat out here at night.

Once the coast was clear RD smiled as he relaxed, listening to his gut growling while he looked at the menu. "Hmmm...let's see...what to eat..." He glanced at Max a few times but then shrugged a few times.

Max didn't catch the first couple glances but after the third he couldn't help but laugh. "What is it? Do I have something on my face? Or are you trying to determine what to eat based on what I pick because if you're trying to choose based on my options it's going to take awhile since I've never even seen much less heard of half of these things."

The blue dragon couldn't help but swish his tail idolly after the comment and smiled. " wasn't anything to do with what you were going to eat...but for some reason you do like kind of tasty yourself. If you weren't busy and going to the professor after this I don't know if I'd be able to contain myself"

It was then that Max set the menu down, eyes bulging out. "Wait you want to eat me?! But wouldn't that know...Bad? Then again you are a dragon so I can't say i'm too shocked..."

RD cringes at the human's sudden reaction and shook his head. "I do want to eat you but it wouldn't be life threatening. I could bring you back easilly, Sorry I brought it up." He shrugged his shoulders and went back to reading what the menu had.

"Well..." Max looked down at the menu then at RD himself. "If you could really garuntee that it wouldn't kill me...I suppose I could offer myself to be your dinner..." He set bulbasaur on the table and stretched out. "Just promise you'll be gentle and that you'll watch my pokemon while I'm inside your belly."

RD couldn't believe what he'd just heard but none the less he put down the menu. "Really? Are you sure?" After a few confirming nods from Max he began licking his lips. "thanks! I promise you that it won't hurt at all!" He started looking around to make sure nobody was looking at the duo and walked over to Max's seat and began opening his drooling jaws over the human's head, slicking it with his warm saliva.

From Max's point of view it was quite a fleshy, slimy experience watching those jaws stretching and expanding over his head. That tongue running over his body for a moment as if savoring the sweet flavor of the human's tasty body. He didn't get to enjoy the sensations of that tongue much however as he could feel his head being pulled into the dragon's gullet with a powerful swallow. All his instincts at this point screamed at him to fight and run away from RD, but the sudden warmth of the dragon's body surrounding him as he went down was a comfort to him, it felt comfortable and for some reason...right...

Outside RD was pushing Max's chest and stomach into those hungry jaws of his. He'd eaten humans before, as well as other different species but for some reason this one's flavor was special. It was a sweet taste but also had a spicyness to it. This confused the dragon a bit since most humans didn't have this spicy flavor but he decided that instead of questioning this new taste he'd savor it. Afterall the human wasn't fighting him more rather he was trying to wiggle down his throat as if seeking it's comfort and it just made RD laugh to himself. "mmmph...whaf a phast." He muffled a response dispite his mouth being full but his fun was being cut short when he spotted the waiter approaching the table and decided to just shove in the remaining portions of Max into his starving mouth and swallows him down hard, hoping to hide the new bulge traveling down his gullet under the table.

Max wasn't quite expecting the sudden push and found himself rapidly descending into RD's stomach which oddly enough expanded to accomidate his size, the wetness and warmth a comfort to the young trainer's senses as he relaxes and lays against the warm walls as he hears a conversation going on between RD and the waitress apparently his friend decided to order more on the side and even managed to come up with an excuse as to why he was no longer present, telling the waitress that he'd simply decided he wasn't overly hungry. "Well...looks like I won't be sharing this warm space by myself heh. This should be interesting..."

And indeed it would prove to be an interesting night for Max. half an hour later he found himself buried under a mountain of steak, salmon, and even a few slices of cake, while outside RD had finished paying the waitress and the tip after enjoying such a feast and let out a large belch, he didn't bother to cover his mouth considering he was the only one eating there at the moment. "Oh man...Now that was a meal...Heh sorry about that Max I just couldn't help myself..." RD started climbing out of the chair and left the resturant, watching his distended gut swaying infront of him and lets out a second belch. "I promise though tomarrow you'll be back good as new..." the dragon yawned a bit, clearly tired after such a heavy meal and moaned every time Max made a tiny bit of movement inside his stomach and laid down under a tree and glanced up at the moonlight. "You alright in there? You're not saying much."

Max wiggled underneath all the food he was being weighed down under. It wasn't exactly fun being crushed under what felt like 100 pounds worth of food and having to dig his way through it. Though he had to admit that dispite all the food he was sharing the chamber with he seemed to be enjoying himself. "mmph...mmph mmph mmmmpmh." Was all Max could say underneath all the food he'd been packed with.

Dspite being unable to hear or understand Max's response he let out one more belch before shutting his eyes. "Mmmmm I'll take that as a yes...I'll see you tomarrow Max and don't worry...I'll show you exactly where you can find professor elm's lab..." Just before he fell asleep his stomach began making a bunch of loud gurgling sounds indicating digestion had begun, boy would that be an experience for Max.

Once Max was sure that RainbowDragon had gone to sleep he tried finding a way to get to sleep on his own too, but when the sounds of heavy gurgles from within his confined space started forming he shivered. "Oh boy...I'm about to get digested that's...not good..." He shut his eyes expecting the acids to hurt or even tingle but for some reason he could feel no pain from it, rather it felt like someone was just washing warm water over him, of course he knew it'd probley still be quite a deadly scene a few hours from now, thankfully though the lack of oxygen due to the belching combined with the acid contaminating the air within the chamber it didn't take Max any longer than ten minutes to pass out. The stomach now able to do it's job in peace without Max putting up any resistance.

Next morning-Elm's lab

Fang began pacing around the front door waiting for Max to walk in. He didn't like the fact that Max had gone off on his own or that he trusted a complete stranger, for all he knew Max could be dead. "Damnit Max...You didn't show up last night...and you promised you'd be here...don't tell me you already got yourself killed..."

Professor elm was setting some books away on the shelves. "Maybe you should go find him if you're that worried about him. But I'm sure he'll be fine. Afterall you said he's a tough little guy."

Not one minute later after the professor had made this comment Max opened the front door to the lab, RD standing beside him as they both walked in together. "Whew sorry about being late Fang...I was kind of preoccupied at the moment." He glanced at RD who's belly hardly showed any signs of the heavy meal he'd had last night.

Fang ran toward Max, glaring right into his eyes before splaying his ears. "Is this what it's going to be like everyday? You running off and making me worry...And why's he here?!"

Max grinned wide at Fang's comment and a sweatdrop formed on his forehead. " could say it'll be something like that...Seems like your research didn't do you much if you havn't gotten to know me up front." He gave Fang a small hug, letting him know it'd be okay then looked at RD. "Thanks for showing me the way here...Also...thanks for showing me...THAT last night. Maybe next time you can do it again."

RD burst out laughing and waved at Max once more before walking back out shouting. "Next time I'll do it again! Till then!" with that his voice started fading, leaving the two boys alone with the professor.

Fang's ear twitched, hearing the two's conversation and he couldn't help but wonder...Just what were those two doing last night. "What was it he...did to you last night..."

"I'll tell you later! First we need to talk to professor elm...get everything set up so we can leave and start our quest!" Max patted Fang's head and laughs, turning his attention back to the professor. "Well! I'm ready to register for the Johto league sir!"

The professor finished setting his books away and smiled. "You came here hoping to register for the Johto league? I can upgrade your pokedex but I'm afraid you'll have to sign up in the next have to register at a pokemon center."

Max nearly faceplanted into the ground anime style when the professor laid the news down on him like that, Fang almost doing the same as they both responded in sync. "We have to whaat?!"

Deep in the depths of mt silver, a human boy just slightly older and taller than Max was sitting against a wall, sporting long dark blue hair, wearing a black shirt with red X shaped restraint wrapped around his chest area. Each arm had two arm bands with two bolts around each set.The most distinctive feature about him were his eyes which were a dark shade of green , a cold unphasing stare into space while his Nidoking took down three ursarings with one swing and devour them just as fast. "That's three more down Nidoking. This place is supposed to have the toughest pokemon to train with but they're no match for you are they?"

His Nidoking paid him no mind at first, swallowing down the first two unconcious ursarings without any resistance but looked a little agitated that the third managed to pull itself back up and started limping away but decided it wasn't worth the trouble and let it run away. "You know better Jesse. No one is a match for me. Least none of these pokemon are. We should just head back to Newbark. Unless you think there's anything worth actually finding here."

Jesse simply stood a moment more, staring at Nidoking's bulging belly before smirking. "No. There's nothing here of any real value to me. Let's head back down and into town." With that he climbed onto his Nidoking's back. His nidoking was special, not because it had unbelievable attacking and defensive powers but because it spoke in fluent human english from the moment he recieved it as a nidoran. "We've been out in this region for the past year. I don't think anybody aside from the champion would be able to take us down."

His nidoking made is way to an open area of the mountain before jumping clear off it's edge and landing right on the grounds of route 28 with a huge rumbling underground from the force of his weight, he snorted in amusement. "The champion himself fears us though. As I recall the last time we challenged him he declined the match. What would you do though if you were faced with someone you've known a long say Max?"

This question caught Jesse off gaurd for a moment before he looked to the open road which Nidoking began walking through. "Isn't it obvious? I'd crush him...just like anybody else. We may have been friends once but that was a long time ago. If he did come to challenge me he'd wind up just like every other trainer we've battled."

Nidoking started rubbing his belly and nodded. "In my belly, fated to be Nidoking pudge...You've certainly become a dark trainer after we'd left the island. Even if you feel that way and don't consider him your friend...could you really condemn him to such a fate?" It was an honest enough question, it wasn't that Nidoking doubted his trainer, but he wanted to make sure that Jesse was dedicated to his own mission.

"I'd do it in a heartbeat..." Jesse replied coldly, looking up at the sky. "If he tried to stop me in my quest I'd do whatever it takes to get him out of the way. I have questions and I'm going to find those answers and I can't do that with him getting in my way...You however...these questions you ask are unsettling. Are you getting weak in the head?"

Nidoking growled at this comment, spotting Newbark town just ahead, he then began whispering so that the locals did not hear his voice or the conversation they were having. "Just like you Jesse...I have questions I need answered." He spotted a trainer that looked like Max heading in the direction of cherrygrove city but chose not to inform Jesse of it just yet. "As for my weakness..." he looked down to his belly. "I believe I made it clear that my only loyalty is to you." with that he carried his pokemon trainer to the lodge to rest.

Meanwhile on route 29, Max and Fang were getting started on their trip to cherrygrove, both of them wanted to get there and have Max registered to the pokemon league as soon as possible, Bulbasaur however was in no rush as he sunbathed on max's head. neither he or his trainer knew just how close they had come to their adventure ending right away.

Fang wiggled through the thick bushes and grass along with Max, ears splayed to the side. "You two cause me a lot of trouble and the adventure hasn't even started yet! now let me get this straight...That dragon...That rainbow dragon ate you?! And you just let it happen?!! What if something bad happened to you!"

Max giggled, sweat dripping from his forehead from the heat, he didn't understand how his bulbasaur could take that sun but smiled. "Well...I don't know something just told me to trust him. Besides it wasn't a bad thing by any means! Before he took me to the lab he said next time we meet he'd teach me how to reform on my own just incase something bad happens. Until then he gave me this." he pulled out a necklace with a red stone at the end of it. "It has enough magic inside of it to reform me once...least thats what he told me but after that the stone would shatter so I need to be very careful."

Fang couldn't believe Max's carefree attitude about the whole incident, or the fact that he didn't even think about the bad that could have happened. "If he thought it was so important why didn't he teach you before he took you to the lab?!"

Bulbasaur opened one eye, stared at Fang and gave him a vine whip behind the head which the wolf yelped. Max laughed and rubbed Bulbasaur's snout who enjoyed the attention. "He would have had to eat me again with both of us still conciouse. And he and I both knew you were waiting for me so there wasn't any more time. He said that he'd be going to goldenrod city though...maybe we'll meet him again there."

Fang's ears remained splayed a moment more and sighed heavilly. "Your cheery attitude isn't a bad thing but I think your trust is think that you can save your friend and you think that just because someone is friendly right away that they'll be your friends."

Max stopped walking when he spotted a sentret eating a berry that fell from a bush nearby, he petted bulbasaur a few times, whispering to him. "Hey...wanna have your first battle?"

The sunbathing pokemon's eyes opened up and leaped off Max's head and towards the sentret, he waited for his trainers command and the sentret to stop eating.

Once Max was sure that the sentret was done he saw it turn it's attention towards bulbasaur and smiled. "Alright let's weaken this guy with a vine whip!" His bulbasaur nodded, extending it's vines to attack the sentret who avoided the vines.

"That won't work! Plus it was just born right so how does it know vine whip?!" Fang asked, amazed but cringed when the Sentret tackled bulbasaur, knocking it on it's side before bulbasaur pulled itself back up.

"My master told me pokemon learn moves that their parent pokemon learned so he was born with the move vine whip! Lets see what else he has..." max quickly checked his pokedex and smiled wide. "Alright use sleep powder now Bulbasaur!"

This time it was the sentret's turn to be caught off gaurd when his bulbasaur sprayed a thick mist of sleep powder over the encountered pokemon. Once the Sentret was out cold Max tossed a pokeball at it, waited for the ball to stop rolling a few times and grinned when he sucessfully caught his first pokemon. "Alright!" He grabbed the ball, placed it in his pocket then reached out and hugged Bulbasaur tightly, laughing. "We did it! We caught our first partner bud!" His bulbasaur seemed equally impressed with itself as it used it's vines to hug around Max happily, Laughing it's own name and jumping around once it was set down excitedly.

Fang started wagging his three tails also, his mood now much better and having forgotten the other day. "Congrats Max! you caught your first wild pokemon. So are you going to name it?"

Max stopped laughing when he realized that he'd yet to nickname it then shrugged. "I'll find a name rater and name it later...I'm too excited to think about a clear name right now! Let's get to Cherrygrove so we can heal it and bulbasaur then register to the league!"

The rest of the day was uneventful until they made it to the next town, making it to the pokemon center Max was finally able to register to the pokemon league like he'd been hoping for. His adventure would be getting much more interesting from now on. And unknowingly with Jesse following his trails the two are bound to meet up soon.

The Adventure Begins


So I said I would start uploading my stories here. This is the first one. Fair warning, first chapter...Wrote this around 10 years ago so it may be a little rough around the edges. It does contain vore but it's generally harmless. Youngsters are not harmed in the making of this story I assure you =P

As a matter of fact, THIS is the first of over 100 chapters that will span the length of my Pokemon Trainer Max: Whom is a Hybrid of a human and Digimon that will begin his adventure spanning from the beginning of his adventure and far into the future as he battles his way to adulthood.

This story features a friend of mine Rainbowdragon as well :3

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