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Nicole by scarletsteam



Official Reff of my femself/OC, Nicole, that I bought from goku-senpai on DA, who was kind enough to draw this, you should totally check out his work.

Name- Nicole
height- 6ft 2 inches
weight- 158lb [give or take a few]
eye color- hazel
hair color- brown
skin color- caucasian

story/summery - Nicole is the female version/form of my OC self and as such like my oc self is a undead [like darksouls] that is well skilled is sword and shield combat as well as being extreamly skilled in magic and is mildly skilled with a bow and arrow. she how ever has a rather risky, semi-seductive, creative, and sorta socially awkward, but friend loving personalitly, while most of this is the same as my own the seductive and risky parts r different from my own personality. Like myself she prefers women so technically she is a lesbian. She weilds a shield made of highly durable mixture of obsidian, titanium, and gold, like her armor, with a skull of a dragon design on the front of the shield and is able to withstand over 2 tons of pressure without a scratch do to this and it's magical enchantment adding a large amount of elimental and magical defence. Her main offensive tool is a custom made sword made of similar materials as her armor but with an enchanted blade composed of pure titanium which heals Nicole up to 50% of the damage it inflicts upon the opponent and can also be imbued/buffed with many elemental effects and magical properties. Nicole can summon her shield and/or sword out of thin air do to her skill with magic. As far as spells go she often uses electricity, ice, fire, and crystal spells for offence and for defence used minor healing, regeneration, fall control, and defensive buffs.

Nicole belongs to me
artwork belongs to goku-senpai

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