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I'm a college student who doubles as penguin with the fury of a thousand suns... who happens to also work minimum wage... fear me.
I have 2 webcomics that can be found on my deviant-art page and or my Smackjeeves page, whichever floats your boat.
My hobbies include dragons, bad jokes, and long walks to the fridge.


01 Sketches

1-5 people (backgrounds not included)
from $ 1.00
to $ 5.00
add  Cleaner lines
from $ 0.50
to $ 1.50

02 Basic Shading, Coloring, and Lineart

Bust (1-2 people)
from $ 7.00
to $ 8.00
Bust (3-5 People)
from $ 9.00
to $ 11.00
Full Body (1-2 people)
from $ 12.00
to $ 14.00
Full Body (3-5 people)
from $ 15.00
to $ 16.00
add  Add detailed background
from $ 3.00
to $ 5.00

03 Vector Style

Bust (1-2 people)
from $ 17.00
to $ 18.00
Bust (3-5 people)
from $ 19.00
to $ 20.00
Full Body (1-2 people)
from $ 21.00
to $ 25.00
Full Body (3-5 people)
from $ 26.00
to $ 30.00
add  Add Detailed Background
from $ 7.00
to $ 13.00

04 Digital Painting

Bust (1-2 people)
from $ 25.00
to $ 28.00
Bust (3-5 people)
from $ 28.00
to $ 30.00
Full Body (1-2 people)
from $ 31.00
to $ 36.00
Full Body (3-5 people)
from $ 37.00
to $ 40.00
add  Detailed Background
from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00

Now before placing a commission here's a few notes to go over

Descriptions and details:
-[Will add examples of each later]

  • By default the prices list the cost without a detailed background. This means by default without extra cost I will just either leave it a flat color, a gradient, something I can do simply just by fooling around with brushes, basically just talk to me about it and I will tell you if the background will cost you extra. -If you want something that's not full body or bust but rather in between than contact me and we'll see because this depends on how far below the bust.

What I will / will not draw:

  • I do not draw pornography/ nudity
  • Anime is my main drawing style (I can however expand past it)
  • I specialize in drawing women
  • I am not the greatest at drawing men. I can draw boys, but I have yet to learn how to draw manly men. I have been getting better so it might be a gamble to have me draw males.
  • I can't draw heavily armored characters
  • As for eechi related content discuss with me because it will either be acceptable or something I just can't draw

Requesting a Commission- Do's and Don'ts

  • Do: Know what you want before requesting. I am not a mind reader. Please do not say something along the lines of "Just do what you want with it" Please tell me what you want and if you have any references for me that would be fantastic.
  • Don't: Ask me to change something huge after I'm pretty much halfway done with it. I can do something minor but some things will just delay your commission even more. However if you want something changed feel free to tell me because there's still a chance I can change it.
  • Don't: Rush me. I am a college student that also has a job. I assure you I am working on it when I can. I just don't have a lot of free time. Plus I'm here to make sure your commission comes out great, rushing me is not a good route to take when you want A+ quality.

Happy Requesting~<3



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