Scarfy Reference Sheet by ScarfyConly

Scarfy Reference Sheet


13 December 2015 at 19:25:17 MST

Her response and I quote:
"Ohhhh my gosh this is the best description anyone has ever given me, wow. Thank you thank you thank you, I'm gonna be able to do great work with this!!!"

I kid you not, she was very impressed, so she made this, after 11 days of waiting I finally got my first ref sheet done. And not only did she do it how I imagined it, she did it the best she could.
She is one of my favorite artists now, and she does a lot of great work. I implore you! Please check her out, you will not be disappointed!

So yeah, that's Scarfy. Red Scarf, white fluffy hair, silver body, two birthmarks: a backwards treble clef that looks like an "S", a GameBoy with headphones signifying his love for video-game music. Its absolutely gorgeous, and I promised myself I wouldn't cry. :')

I love Scarfy, he will always be a part of my heart and its all thanks to her!