ELLIOTT'S SPRING GATHERING and other events this year! by Scappo

ELLIOTT'S SPRING GATHERING and other events this year!


13 April 2013 at 19:58:14 MDT

Hey everyone!

Once again, a sighting of the rare and elusive Scappo is expected to occur at Elliott's Spring Gathering, happening on on the weekend of May 10th - 12th! This time, our spotters have confirmed that the Scappo has changed locations to LAS VEGAS, NEVADA!

This is the first time you'll be able to see the Scappo amidst the lights, hustle and bustle of Glitter Gulch, and while being a shy and reclusive creature, he is said at times to surface, and on request, draw things for those who are skilled enough to catch him.

This will be Scappo's fourth appearance at this event, held every year by the ever gracious King Elliott Ingonyama the First. It's like a mini convention (you can commission artists and what-not, just like any other con), only a bit more one-on-one (i.e. you can actually, once again communicate with Scappo) and promises to be much more fun than a usual con!

According to eyewitnesses, Hotel rooms are really cheap, and there are also lots of cool special events for attendees! This convention is truly unlike any other guys. Go out of your way to attend...trust me, it's that good. I travel all the way from Ye Olde United Kingdom for it...so it's GOTTA be good, right ;)?

You can find more information at Elliot's Spring Gathering Homepage: https://esg.elliottsliveevents.org/

I'm also confirmed to attend both ANTHROCON and EUROFURENCE this year! This'll be my first time attending EF, so I'm very excited to meet all you European (and even non-European) folks! I'll be taking preorders for these two conventions, so keep an eye out! I'll make announcements on my Twitter, blog, and right here on Furaffinity.

I'll also have pieces in both the AC and EF artshows, so please keep an eye out for them as well!

Alrighty guys, I think that's about it- Scappo, OUT.

::scurries back into the underbrush::

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