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See You Up Front - by Raf by Scani

See You Up Front - by Raf


In honour of the Indy 500 this weekend... I have a story to tell.

I've been into motorsport for 20+ years. Growing up, I watched Formula 1 for the glamour and speed, and CART/IndyCar for the excitement.

As a Canadian, I always supported our own. In the late 1990s, that meant annual stops in Toronto, Vancouver. That meant drivers like Tracy, Carpentier... and Greg Moore. Toronto's race event at Exhibition Place, and Moore's car (the Reynard of Team Forsythe), are depicted here.

Moore was an exceptional talent of a driver who started his CART career at age 20, and rapidly showed promise. Sadly, on the cusp of a career breakthrough, Greg died in a violent crash on Oct 31, 1999. I went out trick or treating that night; it was the last time I'd ever do so. Seeing such a traumatic sight gives you an appreciation for the danger of motorsport, and gratitude for subsequent advances in safety.

I think it's important to tell integrated stories about the things we love. For me, that happens to be racing and furry, and I'm glad this piece gave me the chance to do so thanks to Raf's skill and diligent research (being a motorsport fan himself) -- while also paying tribute to a driver I wish we hadn't lost.

#SeeYouUpFront #RedGlovesRule

Artwork by the_raf, April 2019

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