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Scani / Male / Greater Toronto Area, Canada


I'm one of those crazy black-and-white halfbreed birds. (Or, as people prefer to call them, gryphons).

The big thing I do in furry? I chair a convention (Furnal Equinox -- it's kind of big as Canadian conventions go).

Other than that -- I'm an occasional fursuiter, casual musician, and occasional other things as well.

Profile still in a work in progress; keep watching this space.



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Furpoc: Reflections on Dance Competitions, and More

on 3 November 2015 at 18:38:27 MST

"Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary unless your friends are there to see it."

Work has been such a slog for me recently that I can't tell you just how much of a godsend it was to get away from it and be at a convention for several days. It is my only US furry convention this year, and the last one of 2015 (no, I will not be going to MFF.) It was also my first time, technically, at Furpocalypse -- I had attended FurFright in 2011-2013, but not the new iteration thereof.

Before I get into the con journal proper, I just want to comment on some things...

I have a new level of appreciation for dance competitions after this weekend. Yes, I know that I should know a lot more about them being a con chair, and I've even served behind a jib camera at the 2014 dance comp and seen them from afar.

Dance competitions are amazing. They're supportive, people are supportive and want to see each other grow in terms of technical skill and artistry. To use Ronnie's term... no salt. I had the privilege of talking with one of the judges prior to the dance comp and that's basically the spirit behind it -- while awards are certainly something that people strive for, more important for the judges is providing an opportunity to facilitate the performer's growth.

But it's still kind of interesting to get into judges' heads and see if you can appreciate the same things they do. When I watched the performances at the dance comp (and there were a lot of them. 19!), I definitely had a top two in mind. Gale's was one. Dalmy's was the other. Dalmy won.

I mean, come on. Watch this.

Aside from the pure sensuality of the performance, for two full minutes, I forgot that I was watching a fursuiter. Dalmy could just as well had real fur and I'd never have known -- every movement was authentic. Dance competitions are certainly not an opportunity to judge costumes, but I can certainly say that when they're done well, they help the performance immensely. There are only a couple of other performances I've seen where I've just been so drawn in and just can't... stop... watching.

And I know that all the performers in the dance competition are striving for the same, so... respect. Massive amounts of it :)

With that... on to how my con went.

Thursday: Drove in, had one of the most painless border crossings we've had in a long time. and after some stops at Home Depot and Wal-Mart, arrived at the hotel around 4 pm. Ran into Mazer and FIonnadh down in the lobby and chatted with them for a bit. Headed to Gale and Strobes' suite for pizza and watched as their space rapidly ballooned to 30 people for a surprise birthday party (where, among others, I met famous slapstick duck Duino for the first time and talked about things like American Gladiators in swimming lessons). Things wound down around 11 pm as people started heading down to the con space.

Friday: Opening ceremonies, of course! Commissioned some artwork from Blonde Velvet and managed to avoid the ridiculous queue at Dealers Den cashout. Forgot my fursuit undergarments, and eventually managed to save my con with some borrowed garments for one suiting session and bought ones for the rest of the con. First round of suiting, including as part of the bucket brigade. Dinner out at Chili's with SoulWolf and BT, whom it was so great to see again (even if we were definitely missing another person). Played poker with Duino, Mazer and IronGut (FA: United's poker champion. It showed. Until he lost to Duino, who had a PAIR OF TWOS.)

Saturday: After a slow start to the day, managed to get out for the fursuit parade, participated in an impromptu Don't Hug Cacti photoshoot (not officially sanctioned!). Desuited and took in the dance competition. Had dinner at a hibachi place with Mazer and Otto (who lives only about a couple of hours from me, and we totally need to visit him more often). Some hanging out in my room, where the above two plus Snowhusky, BT and Soulwolf all crowded around my laptop and laughed at old FE con videos (which truly brought back some good memories). Spent some time on the dance floor in fursuit afterwards.

Sunday: Some more time in the room hanging out with Gale, Otto and Strobes. Found the con piano and totally had a great time jamming out with a few people (this is one of the things I love to do at cons, and need to do more often). After closing ceremonies, there were a couple of last con visits, a trip to the hot tub (oh goodness, I should have done that earlier), and finishing off the last of my con alcohol.

Oh yeah... and I got to be part of Closing Ceremonies as part of the damn Bucket Brigade with BT, SoulWolf and Gale. If you're looking for some otter... I should know what being under the lights is like as a con chair, but it was surreal to be running through the crowd. And dammit, I really should have allowed people to stuff money in my boardshorts. Next time... ;)

And that left a very melancholy drive home on Monday.

From what I can see, the New England furry community is amazing and tight and has evolved so much. I never really got the same sense of it in previous years, but I really get that sense now. Furpoc and Anthro New England are undoubtedly in great shape because they have some great people supporting it -- and I know that despite some glitches, this event is going to be fine.

To Gale and Strobes, who I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend for the first time (Olefin beat me by six months)... you are an amazing couple, and Gale, you are so, so talented. I look forward to spending more time with both of you when our paths cross again, but until they do, I look forward to seeing all the amazing things that you'll accomplish.

To Olefin, thank you for being with me, through everything.

It was a bloody expensive weekend -- the final bill is not yet in but I'm hoping it's not in four-figures territory -- so I really hope the Canadian dollar drops to a point where this can be done again.

'Cause, well... I want to. You guys are worth it.

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