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The tarot card ,Ace of Swords by Scales4Sales

The tarot card ,Ace of Swords


29 July 2014 at 09:07:16 MDT

This one a slightly different rendition to the traditional ace of swords. I seen most of the cards only having a hand with a sword out of the cloud. In my depiction I have added the character to the card and I figured I would have Bitmap Fox discovering this symbol in a red and white rose bush.

Here is the description behind the card and the meaning of it all.

The ace of swords Tarot card meaning has to do with aligning yourself. Visually, this card is clearly making a statement of solidarity. When we see the strength of that sword standing erect in the center of this card, there is no doubt in our mind that we must focus upon the issues at hand (indicated by surrounding cards) and make our stand.

Often the ace of swords Tarot card meaning deals with gaining clarity in our lives after a long bout of disillusionment. Often this card appears in matters of love when the ties need to be cut in a relationship. This is particularly the case in one-sided relationships where the partner requires (excessively so) more of attention than you.

This confirms the ace of swords meaning as this card signals its beaming light to you. This card cries out "this is your time, the focus is on you!" But what kind of focus?

The suite of swords in a Tarot deck deals with thoughts, and awareness. They've also been identified as symbols of challenges or conflict in our lives. Thoth Tarot, the Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Aces in the Tarot deck indicate new beginnings. They are also power cards, and rank high in the trumping factor in a reading, their power weighing in evenly with Major Arcana cards.

This being the case, we can make a simple assessment that the ace of swords Tarot card meaning is symbolic of uncovering a new way of thinking. Or, cutting away at some old thought to make way for a brighter perspective.

More specifically, the ace of swords is a call to stop fooling ourselves and look into the crux of the matters of our soul. The ace of swords is bright and brassy. There is no room for excuses with this card, and it demands full honesty of the quent in a reading.

This card resonates to the vibrational frequency of the number one, not only because it is the beginning of the suite (ace), but also because the erect sword visually mimics the number one. This means that new projects, ideas, thoughts, or relationships are on the horizon. Due to the sharp nature of this card, you had better be mindful and clear about your intentions first before starting these new ventures.

Key symbols pertaining to the ace of swords Tarot card meanings:

Yes, we might initially think of royalty or nobility when considering the symbolic meaning of crowns. But consider where the crown rests, on one's head of course. Consequently, the crown in the ace of swords is a symbol of thought. Specifically, the clarity and force behind our thoughts. Use this visual image to slice through all the distracting thoughts you may have about an issue and point your mind squarely to the core of the matter. This kind of keen focus will see your way to success.

The Morgan-Greer (first image shown at top of page) shows a red and white rose in the ace of swords card. These roses are symbolic of choices that we make. We can either (mentally) chose to see our lot in life as a work of beauty, or we can focus on the thorns and pain. The rose on this card also symbolizes the delicate process of our thought. Meaning, just as a gardener tenderly cards of a rose to assure continually beautiful blossoms, so too must we take responsibility to nurture our thoughts to insure positive outcomes.

Cloud symbol meanings in this card indicate confusion and distraction. We notice the image of the sword victoriously rising above the cloying clouds in seek of the highest point of inspiration. This is a visual message to us that we must rise above the chatter (nay Sayers, conflict, media, negativity) and aspire to our own greatest thoughts in order to make our way to mental clarity and success.

Just from these few and simple symbols we can see a pattern of understanding: When we work towards clarity of thoughts, and choose the proper thoughts for our purpose, we reach the epitome of our goals, obtaining our crowning achievements.

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