Synetai wolf arm by Scale

Synetai wolf arm


15 December 2013 at 14:46:41 MST

Surprise surprise, wittyills came asking the most unexpected of commissions: a follow up to the anthro wolf leg study I did a few years ago as part of my old webcomic "The Synetai Chronicles". This is picture 1 of 4 of the commission showing the anatomy of the Synetai wolf arms and hand.

Back at the time I had given a lot of thought to the anatomy of those wolves and I've been surprised to find out I still remember almost every detail I had invented, even about the body parts I never depicted in detail. I had been reading a lot of essays by S. J. Gould and other evolution scientists, so instead of just designing a "perfect" anatomy I tried to put believable flaws and evolutionary accidents into it. Thus the weird and possibly fragile configuration of the feet bones, the vestigial finger of the hand and other details which will be shown in the following studies.

The original study of leg muscles and bones done in 2006:\_synetai\_wolf\_leg\_muscles

The webcomic as two zip files in case anyone is curious:

Be warned it's very NSFW (a lot of nudity in weird situations including cub nudity, malformations, touches upon some disturbing topics) and it's hard to read due to terrible English - it was a very experimental and chaotic comic with notes scribbled inbetween the scenes as I made up or designed stuff along the way. The second episode is unfinished as I had came to realize it was way too difficult for me to draw a whole comic that way. :-P

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