Fusion encounter 11 by SBTW

Fusion encounter 11


12 October 2017 at 06:43:46 MDT

oook so this is a fusion after what i been working for a friend about cerberus.

So this fusion are Latias,Arcanine and Flaaffy cause well needed three heads but looks similar or something XP

anyways the prompt is a situation "Finding warm in a snowstorm"
Seem the Emo got lost after a his plane crashed down. He been wondering for many hours in the snow storm as his internal armor were shutting down due to low temperatures.
Then the fusion that the Emo was walking by fall down as one her head peep out in the cold snow as it was hard to see. She gets out from her came and investigate the sound she heard.
Soon she found the emo in the snow shivering. She picked him up to provide bit of her warmth. Still shivering, she brings the emo back into her cave till the storm pass.

so that the story and also given her four arms cause think i haven't down a character with four arms i think XP

anyways had fun

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    at first i thought he was scared even though she seems harmless, reading the description, it's really cute and nice ^~^

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      mhm if he were scary be hold up a weapon but under that situation it imposibble without a warm suit

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    AH HA! It isn't a myth, SHE'S REAL!

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      eeeyup lol XD

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    [Gasps and freezes in place as I gaze up at her form easily towering over mine, trembling while struggling to speak] Wha-? I-I...! You're...!

    I...didn't mean to...intrude, miss...! I just-! Uhhh-! ;;A;;

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      the fusion looks down at your before picking up up and cuddling you in her arms

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        [Gulps while feeling as if my heart had skipped a beat as she scoops me up into her embrace, instinctively squirming around with my eyes frantically darting between the trio of heads peering down at me] A-Ahh-! You're...okay with me-?

        E-Even though it looks like you three...already have...company...? Eheheh... owo;;

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          she looks downa t you before carrying you away to somewhere

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            [Anxiously glances around as she begins to move with me in tow, my movements being absorbed from being squished within her clevage] Wh...Where are we-?

            Are we...heading for your...home? N-Not that I'm opposed to that or anything...!

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              she walk into a small cave before placing you down beside someone. It looks like a robot only it wasn't moving. She then moves deeper into the cave to search for something