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anniversary 6 by SBTW

anniversary 6


this is a personal pic and HAPPY Anniversary XD lol

have to hold the art trade for this. So 10 years on DA, 6 years on FA and 4 years on WA(weasyl)

so this year seem i haven't drawn any birds late (beside the ones i did for art trades and such XD) so here we have moltres, zapdos and articuno XD have to say first time drawing these three and zapdo beak was kinda bothering me when i try drawing in the sketch phase but think i managed it lol XD

also the first idea was a macro lugia with painted chest "happy Anniversary" while these three lovely birds showing the years on their chests X3.
the second idea is similar but this time macro lugia holding a candle looking at the viewers in the dark while the three bird sit on her chests.

so yeah finally finish it today and also second pic coming X3
enjoy and happy anniversary hehe X3

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    [Freezes in place out of shyness as I gaze up at them towering over me, feeling my insides quivering with my ears rearing back] I, uhh...! three...?

    I'm not...interrupting I? A-At least I...hope I'm not...! owo;

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      (mew mew X3)

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        [Gulps and begins to inch my way towards the trio, fiddling with my paws anxiously] I...don't suppose you three would you?

        I-I know you...kinda already have some, but...umm... >wo;;

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          *a plushias plops on your head looking down at you blinking*chu

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      thanks X3