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So, I go by Simon.
I like to draw stuff... and things... sometimes adulty things.

After trying and trying again, I can't stick with a fursona so I just don't have one. I suppose my closest representation is my orc Vargoth.
I love orcs and other cool humanoid things.
I have an ever growing list of personal characters, all designed by me. Currently, I think i have around 30.
I love to game. I am a very casual gamer. I play Tera, a little Guild Wars 2 (although I have a hard time staying interested in GW) I love the Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Elder Scrolls series among other games. Deus Ex is my favorite old classic.
I also love D&D :D Some of my characters are based off of characters I played in different D&D campaigns.
I'm pretty friendly. I'm laid back and I try to keep drama to a minimum.

My one big rule is, don't touch me. Nothing personal. I hardly let my fiance touch me and we have been together for over 4 years.

I do enjoy the occasional RP. I am picky though. I hate excessive shows of power, more commonly known as "godmoding". I hate one liners. I hate really bad grammar. If I need a code ring to decipher what the heck you are trying to say... Nooooope.
I can be quite vulgar. But, I try to retain a level of professionalism among the public eye. Not everyone is ok with a potty mouth. And I respect that.
I am pretty much an open book and I am fairly open minded. I try not to judge people.

So there you have it, a little bit about me :D

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Sketch Commissions!

on 29 April 2015 at 15:29:45 MDT

Ok so I would like to do a series of sketch commissions today! My goal is to fill at least 5 slots which will all be completed today. I will take up to 10 slots however I do not finish today i will finish tomorrow!
It is $20USD upfront through paypal for a slot and I will need a reference sheet of some kind (no black and white sketches or IMVU/2nd life images please).
These sketches will be from the knees up, fully colored and shaded, and can be sfw or nsfw. The link below is an example of the quality you can expect ^_^
Example art here
If you would like a slot, comment or pm with reference sheet and i will pm you with my paypal information :3 once payment is confirmed I will add you to the list and get started :D
I will more than likely stream this as well!
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    didnt know you had a weasyl !!! you drew me once and im glad i found you on here

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      Ah yeah I remember you ^_^ I figured it wouldn't hurt to branch out to other sites. Although Weasyl and Sofurry seem offly dead in comparison to FA

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      Lol thanks for all the faves XD yeah this is a pretty awesome site. Wish I would have joined sooner

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        and yeah think I joined when someone gave me a code to join during when it first came out ^^
        Great to see the site grow since then.

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          Yeah its pretty cool. I love the character section! Great place to store my ocs and their info :3

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    Just going to throw this out there... all of my "recent submissions" are technically out of order lol That's what I get for doing stuff when I am tired. I should have cross posted from 2014 and up lol At least I have submission folders for 2014 and 2015 ^_^ I have made a lot of improvements since 2014!