Jasper Jackalope by Sayh

Jasper Jackalope


17 March 2013 at 13:59:53 MDT

Finally, pictures of a finished Jasper!

We bought the head + tail from Magpiebones (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/magpiebones), and had her finish the rest of the partial by making legs and arms for it. In addition, Swandog added eyes, eyelids and whiskers for him.

Came out truly adorable! Can't wait to take him to Nordic Fuzz Con!

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    Wow O.O LOVE him :D

    Are u gonna bring him at desucon too ? Or

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      Possibly (if we go to Desu)! But he'll also be at NFC, CFz and FN. :)

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    Question, did the vision become worst or is it was it was before you added the eyes? :)

    What a nice looking Jackalope!

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      His vision became much more limited, as he can only see behind the eyes now. But this was my first try ever installing eyes, so I wasn't even sure if it would work. I'm going to get smaller eyes now (same kind), and move them further back toward the edge of the eyesockets so he can see in front of the eyes, instead of behind them. He'll just use these eyes for NFC. I'm also going to redo the mane (shorten it, so it doesn't hang in his eyes, and take out the punk colors), and maybe add some buck teeth. :)

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        Thanks :) I'm really curious to see if will work fine with getting eyes to Magpiebones work. I love her work, but I don't like the use-your-own-eyes style =/

        Look forward to see you both at NFC.

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          Yes, it is possible to add eyes to her masks, but her masks are very tight-fitting (meant to be more of a prosthetic), so it works best with eyes that can be kinda "bulgy" (like jackrabbit eyes), because the eyes have to stick out past the eyesockets. There is no room to have them further in, or they will be pressing against your own eyes. You can possibly have a mask made slightly larger than your face, to give extra room, but then you risk the moving jaw not working as well.

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    I love those big bunny feet! :D