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The Preaty Backside of QB the Red-Tailed Hawk at MFF 2009 by sawblade5

The Preaty Backside of QB the Red-Tailed Hawk at MFF 2009


This is the look at QB's very beautiful backside feathers at Midwest Furfest 2009. She is absolutely on of the prettiest Red-Tailed Hawks I have ever seen and you can see it from the backside that she is. I keep on wondering what is she looking at and what she thinking of.

Here at Midwest FurFest 2009, the charity for the convention was The Kane Area Rehabilitation and Education for Wildlife. They had brought out a few of their animals including this Red-Tailed Hawk, a Barred Owl, a very cute and friendly lynx, a alligator, a few skunks, and a few others I don't quite remember what they're called.

Anyway QB here is a Red-Tailed Hawk with a right wing to got broke but didn't quite heal up right. (doesn't look too bad but enough to be non releasable) She was quite a calm bird especially around fursuiters here at MFF. I took this photo while in eagle fursuit with my iPhone. I keep on wondering what she thinks (or any other raptor) of me in my Eagle Fursuit. She didn't seem startled at all and was a good girl here. It was so awesome they brought the creature that represents my fursona here to MFF.

I have 2 other pictures of her at: and

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