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The Crimson Commander by SavaraSkye

The Crimson Commander


5 June 2016 at 21:14:14 MDT

Rhar: was kind enough to bring to life one of the other major incarnations there are of Lily - a Fleet Admiral serving in [url=]Starfleet[/url] circa 2409.

Rising rapidly through the ranks after a Borg incursion at [url=]Vega Colony[/url] with a flare for tactics both in space and on the ground - in fact, shi's one of the rare Starfleet officers to take specialized training as a commando. While the Federation favors peaceful resolutions to issues, after the horrors of the Borg and the Dominion War, some officers have observed that swiftly and decisively bringing about an end to hostilities can also aid in preserving life.

Hir command style favors leading from the front - taking the point for hir away team or letting hir vessel, the venerable [url=]Akira-class[/url] [url=]U.S.S. Thunderchild[/url] - recently heavily refitted to match the specifications of the latest [url=]Alita-class[/url] escorts. An unusual flagship for an admiral, but Lily's aggressive style of command in battle favors its agility and firepower.

Despite that, there is always a part of hir that feels as if shi's failed any time shi calls for Red Alert, and is often found checking over hir mission logs, trying to find a way that shi could have prevented a battle from breaking out after a mission has gone hot - shi may decisive in a crisis, but has a habit of being over-critical of hir performance afterwards... even though hir meteoric rise through the ranks suggests that th Fleet, at least, believes that shi has a habit of making the right choices!