The Scarlet Sorceress by SavaraSkye

The Scarlet Sorceress


11 April 2016 at 21:35:13 MDT

I've been looking forward to getting artwork of this character, Lily Xiaolian, done for quite some time! I was so glad that I could get :iconBadgerBen: to draw hir - both because his art style, particularly when he does full color, is so lovely and fun, but also because the character was originally based off several pictures he'd drawn, namely [url=]this one[/url]. Of late, shi's also had some inspiration from the character of :iconLustQuest:'s Yinseng, such as in [url=]this picture[/url].

Shi was never actually meant to be a main, recurring character - I'd designed hir for a one-off roleplay, loosely inspired by the manga [url=]Blue Eyes[/url]. Briefly, shi and the male lead had grown up as kids, but moved apart, only to run into each other again in college, with Lily having bloomed rather impressively.

This depiction of hir, however, would be from hir breakout performance, so to speak, which was largely inspired by the [url=]Kingdom Hearts[/url] series. Being that the series is a fusion of SquareEnix and Disney properties, but its world and many of its characters lean more towards the Disney canon, I focused more on the SquareEnix side - as such, shi is a [url=]Red Mage[/url], hir skill with a light blade deriving from earlier training as a Fencer.

I tried to give each of the main characters of that story a little 'gimmick' regarding leveling up, in hir case, growing larger each time. Hir height overall fluctuates depending on the story shi's in, but shi's rarely less than eight feet tall - and can certainly end up much larger. Shi's never a mean giantess, though - just more friendly panda to cuddle! Sometimes lots more...

Shi's more flexible than my other two main characters, in that shi often takes on skills depending on what's needed for the setting and story, but is most commonly a mage or psychic of some sort, or a psychologist. In the former, shi often specializes in lightning in a rather convoluted little reference to Initial D, In the latter case, shi often either uses psychic skills to help hir patients, or specializes in body image therapy for hypers - for instance, helping a newly developed hyper come to terms with their new form.

Now that I've gotten that first artwork done by BadgerBen, there might be more of the panda around. :) I have another image of hir in mind, as a matter of fact, though I'm not sure when I'll get to do it...