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Bambi Colored WIP by savannahhorrocks

Bambi Colored WIP


1 August 2014 at 14:31:24 MDT

Colored this drawing of Bambi! Not QUITE done yet (gonna add a simple background of some fashion - abstract watercolor most likely) but wanted to scan this tep as well.

As usual my colors don’t scan perfect. Probably will mess with the final version more when I scan it.

PS her hands and feet are dirty not colored that way :3

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    oh man, this is lovely

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    Oh man, those big beautiful eyes. SO PROSH

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    Ah! I'm so glad to see this sweetheart still exists

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      heee thank you! Yeah I love her to bits ;u;

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        She's so darling. I was excited when I saw the first concepts and I'm happy to see she still lives on

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          hehe she existed even before that... I had the idea for what she looked like but wasn't sure what to do with her. Playing with her initially within your group was fun, but I'm glad I'm figuring out a more personal use for her. U u U thank yoooou

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    She is so creepily beautiful, and I love characters like that. One of my fav things is that you can tell the clothes are dirty and torn, like you can see the grass stains on them and dirt and who knows what else. And I'm with Farore, those big beautiful eyes just suck me in. And I am such a sucker for long hair, I just want to sit down with her and braid her hair and give her hugs, or let her and Dreya have little broken doll parties, because that's what she reminds me of. As per always, your work is amazing. <3

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    I love how your anatomy is so much itself. <3 or how you say.. IM NOT ENGLISH SORRY BUT I STILL LOVE YOUR ART

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    Whoa cool! Shes so cute! The anatomy on this is almost hallucinogenic.