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Commission - Grinder Illustration by savannahhorrocks

Commission - Grinder Illustration


Commission for Grinder I completed today ;u; LOVED doing this and I love the result.

Mixed media - ink, marker, drawing pencils - on grey toned paper.

Submission Information

Visual / Traditional


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    The handle you have on animal anatomy always amazes me. Gorgeous piece.

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    That is seriously cool. o.o

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    Wow. Offering up a flower and the snake sees right through you.

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    OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! God I am so happy to be seeing your art again, ok ok I know I say it like every comment but that's cause it's TRUE! Look how sweet that little mouse is reaching up with that little flower. I love how the snake is looking down at him with a sort of confused look on his face, like wait… what's going on here? While the mouse is just like "heeeeeey this is for u" I love how you did the shading on both of them, especially the mouse. How you can see the bone structure underneath his fur is a wonderful touch, like that little ribcage and backbone. And the snake's scales are so fabulously done. LOVE YOUR ARTS FOREVER <3

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    So oddly sweet!

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    Oh wow - Sav' you are the absolute master at predator/prey, beast/beauty themes. There is just something so eerily beautiful and through provoking