Replacing Lost Tributes by SavagingDragon

Replacing Lost Tributes


29 November 2016 at 08:58:43 MST

Bet you never saw this coming,

So while watching a stream by   ingeir_palar he didnt know what to do next... Low and behold,   Torenth showed up, and so the amazing idea was put forth that we all randomly draw the bigger-blue-than-Napther.

So, it appears that Napther had, being the glutton he was, eaten something he shouldnt have... I mean, What was he to do? They were served on a giant platter, rich for the pickings!
Regardless, they were Destined for Torenth who "Persuaded" Napther to replace them in some way... Thus he tricked   ingeir_palar to be the replacement!

...Napther isnt exactly trusting of bigger dragons, hence faintly he's preparing if things go south so that he can move on with his Kaiju.

Apologies for the more simple imagery and pose, this was supposed to be a quick one to do, at least there is a background!
Also tried some new things with lineart with Torenth's help, and decided to use my tablet far more, and make the light source more consistent

Napther and Art is mine,

Torenth ©   torenth

Tail and spade is   Ingeir_palar