[Ingeir] Another Cattle raid! by SavagingDragon

[Ingeir] Another Cattle raid!


29 November 2016 at 08:51:48 MST

Art by   ingeir_palar
Those level 0 Cows didnt stand a chance...

Alternative flavour text from   ingeir_palar

Well it would appear that Napther recently found out about a farmer's cattle farm, of course with him being a dragon he has claim over such delectable snacks! Somehow I don't think the farmer shares the same opinion with him<

He better scarper before that farmer shows up to give him grief, but I doubt the farmer will do much if any harm to Napther, are you really going to challenge a dragon who just made a meal out of all your livestock? Not really, unless you plan on joining those cows in his belly....

This was done initially as a part of a Request Stream, Which ended up taking about 2 whole streams for   ingeir_palar to finish up,
So Technically this is a request-turned-Comission, I mean, look at how happy Napther is fo- NAPTHER!!! NOT THE DRACOWS! Or the Cowgons!

Character is Napther/Mine
Art is (C) Ingeir_palar

Also one of the few times you'll get to see the scales "beneath" his plates